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CampusLogic UserCon Event Promo Video


To me, events are part of your company’s product portfolio. They deserve the same attention & care as the products your customers use everyday.

Before I joined CampusLogic, they had done only one user conference (the inaugural was in 2017). They had 50 attendees, which I thought was a great start for a small tech company, especially one in the EdTech space dealing with customers strapped for budgets. As we looked into our second, in June of 2018, I wanted to help set us up for future success by productizing it.

Our Events team was already planning to create a promo video. In the months & weeks leading up to the event, they needed help, so I offered to manage the video project given I was fresh off of my product promo video.

I find the key to making great videos is asking great questions. Similar to when I’m conducting customer interviews, being specific & pointed in your question set and also asking ‘why?’ five times lets you arrive at the really good stuff…the root causes, the core, the ‘great’ stuff that only appears if you’ve mined deep enough.

So, I asked away, and here’s what came of it.

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