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Infusionsoft Payments launch & nurture email designs

Infusionsoft, March 2016

After all the work poured into the product, some product marketers assume the utility of the product or feature will be obvious and recipients will be willing to try something new. Grave mistake. Even our most loyal users are skeptics. We have to prove that what we’re offering is something useful.

Email strategies differ depending on brand, product and nature of relationship with recipients. But one thing is for certain: with effective emails, we can speak directly to users and show them we’ve built something they need. If we nail it, we may gain net new customers, convince existing users to try it or even reengage users on the edge of churning.

These are the emails I created to support the launch of Infusionsoft Payments, Infusionsoft’s first new product in 3 years. Since credit card processing isn’t something anyone gets excited about, I humanized the technology and harped on pains, speaking in our customers’ language.


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The two emails on the left were variations of the launch email that we A/B tested, selecting the middle email as the champion. The email to the far right was a nurture template we used to reactivate customers who hadn’t converted. What was the performance of the champion launch email? Scroll down to see.

Champion launch email performance

Per Hubspot, the median open rate is 32.2% and the median click rate is 7%, while the marketing software industry benchmark click-to-open rate is only 10%.


Open rate (OR)


Click through rate (CTR)


Click to open rate (CTOR)