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CampusLogic – ScholarshipUniverse Product Video

Product Teaser/Launch Video

About the product

ScholarshipUniverse automates scholarship processes to make FinAid staff more efficient; personalizes the scholarship experience to each unique student, at scale; and delivers insights so schools can understand how effectively they’re managing scholarships.

Why is  ScholarshipUniverse so valuable? It allows our clients to…

  • Increase enrollment & retention by closing student funding gaps
  • Improve scholarship fund utilization with better visibility and management
  • Bring in outside funds with a database of vetted, external scholarships
  • Streamline efficiencies by eliminating manual, disjointed processes

Learn more about ScholarshipUniverse here.

Goals of the video

Part of the reason I wanted to make a teaser video for this product was because I had to help schools realize there was a 900lb gorilla of a problem in the room regarding the way they currently manage scholarships. According to a Tyton Partners research report, 90% of schools say applying for scholarships is easy…but it’s really not.

I can certainly argue that from my own personal experience. And then I realized, other students certainly would as well. So I figured, what better way to wake schools up to this problem than letting them hear it from the horse’s mouth?

I found some local students who’d be willing to hop in front of a camera & tell me about their experience trying to get the scholarship funds they needed to go to school. I then partnered with a local videographer and editor to complete the interviews in one onsite shoot day. They took care of the video and I sat behind camera with a list of questions I had developed ahead of time. From there, I simply conversed with the interviewees. “Tell me about what is was like for you trying to find scholarships? How did that make you feel? What was the process like after using ScholarshipUniverse? etc.” (The interviewees were from our beta schools, so they’d actually used the product.)

I ensured we had enough footage to cover all the key points around the pain points our product was built to address, and what it was like using our solution. This resulted in a perfect before & after story arc told entirely by users, that painted the value of our product without showing one screenshot.

This video aired at our user conference in June 2018 in Austin, TX and it struck an emotional chord with the audience. I was elated. As a product marketer, I know my audience will always forget what you say but they’ll never forget how you make them feel.

justin topliff campuslogic scholarshipuniverse
justin topliff campuslogic scholarshipuniverse