Like I wrote about before, the beginning of 2017 was a critical time for VTS to show product momentum. As a newly-merged company with half our customer base eventually transitioning onto a new platform, we wanted to show them and the market that we not only had things under control but that they were benefiting from the merger.

In order to do this, we planned for regular product updates delivered via email, blog and video. Product Marketing worked with our Chief Product Officer to script the updates and deliver them, hoping that messages from our Chief Product Officer would carry weight with customers and the market.

March’s update included:

Financial Analysis: We are going to make financial analysis more robust and performant. Not only will there be additional scenarios like blend and extend, but we’re also allowing users to put multiple proposal parts together (something we’re calling blended proposals).

Stacking Plans & Site Plans: There are some serious upgrades underway for both stacking plans and site plans. Be on the look out for additional analytical lenses — including industry, deal stage, and expiration date — to help review more information.

Improving Core Workflows: The behaviors you do every day in VTS — like adding a comment or creating a new deal — are going to become even faster and easier to use. We’re going to start showing multiple leases for a given space so you can see entire history of a lease. These pages will also respond much faster – some nearly 25% faster.

Performance Analytics: We’re investing heavily in refining and developing features that will help our users analyze performance across their entire portfolio.

As we ship these new features (and others), we’re also thinking about how best to migrate legacy Hightower customers and features over to the combined platform. I’m happy to report that we’re ahead of schedule, having migrated 10% of the legacy Hightower feature set and 15% of the customers. We expect to make even more progress in the rest of the quarter.

Stay tuned for continued updates & watch the video below!