July 10, 2017


Coffee with a Product Marketer #5 – Tim Johnson, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Expert

Tim was a high performing sales rep (180% to quota) before transitioning to product marketing. Hear how he successfully turned around a product after a failed launch (…which involved repositioning it, refactoring the operations team, retraining the sales team, and then convincing them and the market that the product was legitimate and worth selling).

Marketing – Salesforce “State of Marketing” report

(Link bypasses paywall, happy Monday!) This fourth annual report surveyed 3,500 marketing execs in 10 countries. It covers data woes, show shifting priorities affect organizational change and the AI revolution. The biggest shift from last year? That customer experience is not just a focus of marketers, but has now become their central emphasis. (I’m sad this already wasn’t central?)

SMOPS – The Five Stages of Maturity In Customer-Centric Revenue Operations

All of the Ops. SMOPS = Sales & Marketing Operations. Ever heard of RevOps? Many of us have been through transformations of legacy tech strategies, go-to-market focus and structures as they adjust to a customer-driven, digital world. Few of us, even with 20/20 hindsight, could articulate the journey’s checkpoints and provide tooling like this.

Soft Skills – How to remain calm under pressure (advice from a weapons disposal technician)

Think your job is stressful? Try disarming bombs for a living.



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About the Product Marketing Summit

I created the Summit to solve three pointed problems: Lack of knowledge, community and understanding of product marketing.

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