September 19, 2017

Coffee with a PMM #14 – Josh Zywien, Director of Product Marketing @ SmashFly

Josh found himself in product marketing after several journalism and media jobs. “It’s not a product marketers job to simply pass technical requirements and product details to internal and external audiences. Instead, it’s to interpret that information for particular audiences and put it into a context that makes sense,” he says. Grab a cup to hear how he champions simplicity over complexity, context over content and insight over ideas at SmashFly.

Product Marketing – Here’s Why Zola Cherishes its NPS Detractors as Much as its Promoters

When Zola launched in 2013 to reinvent the wedding registry experience for millennial couples, “What we found out right away — through both our NPS [Net Promoter Score] research and the data we collected on the site — was that our thesis was not entirely correct. Couples want it all. We had to change our merchandising strategy very quickly.” Since this realization, Zola’s NPS scores have improved by over 50%, surpassing both Amazon’s score and the retail industry benchmark.

Sales – The Best Cold Sales Email I’ve Ever Seen

Our inboxes are cluttered with them. Most of us hate them. Some of we marketers, even though we know it’s cruel, hi8t the ‘spam’ button in an attempt to blacklist their email servers. But sometimes, oh so rarely, I’m impressed by a cold sales email. You know what’s shockingly refreshing? Getting treated like a person, not a lead. Here ‘s how an SDR named Ian restored my faith in outbound marketing.

Product Management – Haters gonna hate: what we can learn from Facebook’s 2006 news feed redesign

As soon as your feature goes live, phones start ringing, emails start pouring in, and your CEO has to make a public apology. Because everyone hates the redesign. Now imagine that everyone was wrong. You’d done your research. You’d tested with users (they loved it!). Imagine that, while hundreds of thousands protested, others used the redesigned product and profits soared. Imagine your redesign actually changed the world and how people interacted in it forever. It ‘s a true story.

Marketing – Psychological Backfiring: How Psychology Can Damage your Websites, Apps, and Digital Marketing

In the last few years, UX design professionals, digital marketers, and conversion optimization ninjas have increasingly started using psychology to design intuitive websites, engaging apps and higher converting marketing campaigns. There’s no shortage of evidence that a good understanding of interactive psychology can can transform your formerly unknown app into a trusted and addictive product. However, there’s one elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about.

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