July 19, 2017

Coffee with a Product Marketer #6 – Amanda Goetz, Director of Product Marketing @ The Knot (XO Group)

Amanda grew up on a farm in central Illinois and came to New York to work on “the internet.” She got her ‘MBA equivalent’ and appreciation for what it takes to build & launch products after running a startup for 2 years. Hear how she manages the “cold war” balance of power between product management & marketing, among other things.

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Sales – Your sales culture is killing your business

There’s a massive elephant in the room when it comes to B2B sales: put simply, it’s impossible for your business to be “customer centric” whilst you continue to run a sales focused culture. That is, if you still measure and manage B2B sales people around sales quotas, commissions and a steadfast focus on top-line revenue attainment, then you are being surpassed by the savvy vendors whom have already woken up to the new reality.

Career – Reasons NOT to accept a counter offer from your employer

We’ve all been there. Perhaps you had your heart set on another opportunity, or you used another opportunity to secure a raise. Here’s an interest take from a recruiter on why accepting a counter-offer is actually harmful to your career, sanity and well-being.

Product – Want your product team to get better? Start doing retrospectives

(Video!…and Will Ferrel memes!) A retrospective is a simple concept: Your team steps out of their day-to-day work and reflects on what’s going great and what’s not going so great within the team, with projects, or the company. This simple act of taking a step back from the reactionary state that most teams are locked into is a huge contributor to their continued improvement and well being.



Premise Data is looking for a Product Marketing Manager

Premise is a worldwide network and predictive analytics platform bringing visibility to the world’s hardest-to-see places. We are hiring a Product Marketing Manager in San Francisco, CA to infuse our team with drive, technical and intellectual horsepower, and diverse perspective. As the first marketing hire at Premise, you will be a key member in shaping the branding, messaging and content for the company. You will help build the marketing team by defining our voice and be responsible for content creation across the buyer lifecycle. Please apply here.

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