July 25, 2017

Coffee with a Product Marketer #7 – Michael Manning, Product Marketing Manager @ Neudesic

Hear how Michael realigned a product toward a particular vertical (which included a complete rebranding and repositioning), which led to about a 70% increase in year-over-year sales.

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Product Marketing – How to create better product videos

One of the most effective ways to sell your product is to create a video for it. But what if you don’t have the first clue on how to create a video for your product?

Culture – A CEO who writes 7,400 employee birthday cards a year explains the value of gratitude

After our user conference, I wrote thank you cards to the entire team that helped with my product initiatives. It took me 2 or 3 hours but gained me a whole lotta goodwill and eager volunteers for next year. How have you shown appreciation to your team recently?

Marketing – Fast adoption of AI leaves marketers scrambling

Ever realize that Alexa only returns one search result when you ask it something? How will you ensure your content emerges as the sole victor?

Product – Look Beyond Existing Customers When Building Your Product

Are you expanding your market by building around an existing customer base, or by building around a product to expand market share?



Narvar is looking for a Product Marketing Manager

Hi folks, We’re looking for a *Product Marketing Manager*. Narvar is an enterprise SaaS platform transforming how brands and retailer drive customer loyalty and revenue beyond the buy button. Backed by Accel and Battery Ventures, we’re a high-growth company based in SF; our customers are leading brands like Sephora, Gap, Patagonia, Dollar Shave Club, LVMH, REI, Crate & Barrel, Bonobos, and more!. Please apply here. Please apply here.

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