August 8, 2017


Coffee with a Product Marketer #9 – Jessica Bohm, Product Marketing Manager @ SimilarWeb

Jessica Bohm on how a diverse career makes you a stronger product marketer, content feedback loops and tracking adoption.

Product Marketing – How digital has redefined go-to-market strategy

By using technology and finding the right collaborations, companies can disrupt new markets, solve customer pain points and distribute value across the chain. Here are the top four marketing principles of today’s disruptors, like doctHERs.

Product Marketing – The HomePod’s story is Apple at its product marketing best

The HomePod is a classic Apple product — the sort we haven’t seen in a little while.

Research – Using Customer Interviews To Capture Deep Insights

If you aren’t actively engaging with people outside of your four walls you could be at the risk of solving the wrong problem, or worse, building something that no one cares about

Soft skills – Be a shit umbrella, not a shit funnel

Being a shit umbrella for your team (pardon my French) is a critically important part of being a good manager. Being the umbrella will be the most unappreciated, and unnoticed, thing that you’ll do as a manager.



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About the Product Marketing Summit

I created the Summit to solve three pointed problems: Lack of knowledge, community and understanding of product marketing.

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