August 22, 2017


Coffee with a Product Marketer #11 – Jeff Schaffzin, Principal and Managing Director @ Genysys Group

Briefing industry analysts, training Sales and ‘product marketing’ vs. ‘growth marketing’ & ‘marketing communications.’

Product Marketing – Why Product Marketing Managers Can Run More Growth Experiments with In-App Messaging

If you want 20% of users to adopt a new feature through emails and blog posts, imagine how many opens and pageviews you’d need. In-app messaging = one of the highest leverage tools you have to drive usage to anything you want your user to do in the product. Here’s how you can leverage it as a PMM.

Product Marketing – How Gatorade Invented New Products by Revisiting Old Ones

New versions, new flavors, or new channels didn’t offer much hope for growth. And truly disruptive innovations weren’t an option either, at least in the short term. To find a solution, Sarah and her team reconnected with Gatorade’s core customer, the serious athlete.

Product Management – This Product Prioritization System Nabbed Pandora 70 Million Monthly Users with Just 40 Engineers

When you have to hand a huge chunk of your funding over to the music industry and are left with a scrappy budget that forces you to stay lean and get creative…That’s how the Pandora prioritization process was born.

Soft skills – The secret to office happiness isn’t working less—it’s caring less

Our job as PMMs is to care a lot about a lot of things. But caring as much as we do about work is causing us needless suffering. The solution to our over-worked state isn’t to do less work; it’s to care less about it. Here’s how to ‘let go’ and regain your sanity.



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I created the Summit to solve three pointed problems: Lack of knowledge, community and understanding of product marketing. Later this year, the Summit will connect you with 30 of the brightest product marketers in tech. Get ready to meet new people, learn some new things and be part of a community so all of us can become better product marketers.

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