Product marketer. Business builder. BMW racer.

  • I run product marketing at VTS, where I lead teams to create, launch and market our products
  • I founded the Ampersand Group in 2011 to channel my ADD; it serves as my business-building playground and holdings entity for 3 ventures
  • Over the past decade, I’ve helped small businesses succeed with platform software (Infusionsoft), helped 45 startups go-to-market and scale (Tallwave), directed non-profits (TiE Global Arizona, “one-n-ten“), laid operational frameworks and managed teams (Jostens) and even slung drinks at a bar
  • I tend to get involved in really dangerous and expensive hobbies like racing cars, flying planes and voicing my thoughts
  • I created this website to share my knowledge and provide a glimpse of myself

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2Q17 Recap: Product Markeing at VTS

As with just about every quarter at VTS, this one was one for the books. Product Marketing hit our stride after I was (finally) able to hire another product marketer. It was exciting for me to further scale the product marketing function this quarter. Here's what...

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Meet VTS’ Engineering Team!

Every month or so, we like to spotlight a department or team here at VTS. In addition to having a little fun, it's great for our recruiting efforts. Meet our Engineering Team! They are responsible for:   Building out our platform with new products and features...

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Branding: The other half of your go-to-market journey

This article was originally published by Pragmatic Marketing, Inc. (Pragmatic Marketer Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 2, May 2017) -- The old adage that good marketing can’t sell a bad product is true. I’ve seen brands throw millions of marketing dollars at products...

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