The Role of Product Marketing in your Startup

PHX Startup Week, March 2016

PHX Startup Week is a FREE five-day event celebration for the local startup ecosystem, and anyone else interested in entrepreneurship. It’s sponsored by Chase for Business ® and now in its third year. The event is held at six different Valley locations across three cities. The broad range of event topics and participants provides a rare opportunity for thousands of Phoenix startups and Valley biz leaders to rub elbows, make connections and learn from the best about how to break into today’s modern technology marketplaces.

It’s tricky for startups to know when to hire a product marketing person, or how to go about the function at all. There’s 800 startups looking for product marketers on AngelList but few actually understand what product marketing is. For this reason, I wanted to use my experience as a product marketer for a software company that caters to startups and small businesses to help startups understand the what, why, when and how about product marketing.

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Justin Topliff Role of Product Marketing in your startup phx startup week 2016
justin topliff phx startup week 2016 product marketing
justin topliff phx startup week 2016 product marketing
Topliff PHX Startup Week 2016 product marketing session