Gain the House Advantage: The Benefits of Mapping your Buyer’s Journey

Pragmatic Marketing Magazine, Fall 2015

You’re not communicating if you’re marketing to someone you don’t know. And in today’s marketing world, it’s easy to get caught up in tactics, things like content generation, social media, nurture campaigns, public relations and more. But if you’re marketing to a buyer you don’t know, none of these tactics will communicate (let alone resonate) with your prospect.

Buyers have radically changed their buying behavior. Information balances have shifted; vendors no longer own information, word-of-mouth travels like fire and buyers are highly educated. More than half of the buying process is now conducted without the help of a sales rep. In fact, many buyers consider sales reps unnecessary.

Mapping the buyer’s journey is no easy task. However, the benefits pay dividends. Mapping yields an understanding of the steps and timeline associated with your buyer’s decision process. Capturing these key actions, from start to finish, helps you recognize the questions buyers ask themselves along the journey. This allows you to deliver the perfect message at the perfect time, overcoming objections before your buyer has a chance to bring them up.

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