Justin has done a great job complementing all the hard work our product and engineering teams do. He creates internal and external understanding into the “why” behind what we are building.

Keeping everyone on the same page and informed internally is no easy task and Justin does a great job. He also did a great job making sure our product team was very well represented and prepared for our first annual user conference.

I am excited to see Justin’s continued impact on easier-to-understand pricing, clearly communicating our new product messaging framework and improving our go to market process.

Mike Cochran

Product Manager, VTS

Justin did several things well this quarter, but I was particularly impressed by the way he conceptualized and executed on showcasing product at our annual user conference. Justin stepped up to organize the entire product demo schedule, managed calendars, worked closely with Marketing to have proper signage, etc. and helped our Chief Product Officer produce a world-class keynote. Justin continues to show his commitment to making product marketing at VTS world-class.

Justin is an A+ coworker. Thoughtful, hardworking, best-in-class. We need more Justins!

Skye Fulkerson

Senior Demand Generation Manager, VTS

Justin is a great manager and product marketer. Always thoughtful and methodical, he offered insights and advice for any launch or project we were running. Whenever I came across an obstacle, he was there to help manage it and find the best solution. An asset to any team!

Billy Fink

Senior Product Marketing Manager, VTS