Having worked side-by-side with Justin for over a year, I can say without hesitation that he is one of the most focused, thoughtful, and results-driven employees I have ever met. As a project manager and consultant, details are important – both with the client to meet their expectations and with the internal team to deliver products on time. Justin excelled in exceeding client expectations in every interaction – humanizing his relationship with individuals, thinking beyond the scope of the project, and personalizing services to provide a high-class experience. In addition, Justin was extremely organized in providing clear actions to the team, proactively addressing risks, and aligning everyone to the same goals.

Justin is a highly critical thinker, impeccable project manager, and hard-working executer of vision, strategy and operations. He was always willing to volunteer for any project, while remaining dedicated to the success of his team and clients.

Steve Thompson

Director of Venture Services, Tallwave

Justin professionalism with clients has always been impressive. He took on Tallwave’s largest, most important accounts and always smoothly managed expectations while consistently delivering high quality work. His attention to detail and ability to clearly see the road ahead allowed him to take on great deal of responsibility on many complex projects. I would feel confident working side-by-side with Justin in any work scenario, especially when things just have to get done.

Jesse Randall

Director of Finance & Operations, Tallwave

Justin initially impressed me with his quick-witted professionalism but also demonstrated a serious work ethic combined with a poise that one achieves with years of experience. We have gotten to know each other while launching my company through his work at Tallwave, where Justin has been an integral part of the team. I would recommend him a broad range of capacities and as with anyone I have worked with, I’m happy to share my thoughts as a reference. Please contact me directly.

Blake Quinn

Founder & CEO, SOOH Media

Working with Justin was a fantastic experience. He was part of the team at Tallwave that worked with my company. I was very impressed with Justin’s ability to grasp the vision and concepts as quickly as he did. In addition to his quick understanding, he dove deep into the project and delivered high quality results. For the time that we worked together, it felt like Justin was truly a part of my team. It was very evident that he put a lot of thought and hours into our project. He was also very easy and a lot of fun to work with. Any team would be fortunate to have him.

Gelie Akhenblit

CEO, NetworkingPhoenix.com

Justin is an exceptional marketer, stellar project manager and an effective teacher. Working under and with him, I saw him move mountains for Tallwave. He is enthusiastic about his work, which is infectious and motivates me to work harder. Justin always has a positive, creative outlook and is good at bringing people together to work effectively as a team. He always shares helpful words of wisdom and is never too busy to help. As an intern working under Justin, I learned more from him than anyone else at Tallwave. He took the time to help me and make me feel like one of the team. Now that I work at Tallwave full time, I get to work alongside him and continue to learn from him in a more hands on way.

Jenna Losé

Venture Associate, Tallwave

Justin brings a degree of polish and precision to the work he does. He is an excellent project manager, is great with client relationships, and has a keen understanding of branding and marketing. When you combine those things with his drive you have a powerful package which I very much recommend.

Robert Wallace

Partner & EVP Marketing, Tallwave

During this past year, I have had the opportunity to watch Justin grow as an individual, but also as a terrific events and marketing planner. He possesses very good interpersonal skills and is well received by clients. Justin was instrumental in planning and executing our first successful High Tide program, earning him a promotion to Senior Venture Associate almost a year ago. Justin would be an asset to your team.

Jo Svendblad

VP Human Resources, Tallwave

Justin was Tallwave’s Project Manager for our CitiesPlanet partnership with Tallwave. Justin had many responsibilities, and handled them all extremely well. He is a very skilled manager, an excellent communicator, and always followed through and delivered what was promised on time. I look forward to working with Justin in the future.

Fred Mercaldo

Founder & Managing Partner, Scottsdale.com & CitiesPlanet.com

Justin Topliff excels as well as any young professional that I’ve ever met in my career. His uncanny ability for project management is overshadowed only by his instinct for strategic thinking and he brings a great deal of marketing horsepower to any project. He can think swiftly enough to impact a company of enterprise proportions and agile enough to plug into any startup. I would recommend him highly for any project.

Deric Frost

VP Client Management, Tallwave