Infusionsoft pricing page overhaul

One of my most exciting and impactful projects at Infusionsoft was overhauling our pricing page. It was the second most-trafficked page on our website and the one we saw highest conversions (to demo) from.

The old design had been in place for years and was becoming stale. In addition, we were experiencing several pointed problems:

  • Conversion was dropping MoM by single-digit percentage points (at our traffic numbers, this was a problem)
  • We weren’t up front with our mandatory ‘setup fee’ (“Kickstart Package”) on the pricing page, which became a barrier later in the sales process
  • We struggled in explaining the difference between our two “Deluxe” packages (the customer had to choose between either ‘sales automation’ functionality’ and ‘ecommerce’ functionality, but not both, for the same price)

We implemented several tests with different designs (sketches at bottom) and the “build your own” experience emerged the winner. I had two main goals with this design:

  1. Better represent and articulate the differences between our packages via messaging and design
  2. Increase the quality of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) from this page by allowing prospects to self-qualify via a more transparent picture of their up-front cost (including the mandatory setup fee)

The new design makes it “as easy as 1, 2, 3” for prospects to understand exactly what they’re getting and at what price. The design fixed our conversion problem and brought welcome predictability back to our marketing funnel.


(circa 2015)


(May 2016)

Sketches of winning design concept

Contesting designs