Membership Sites for Small Business

Infusionsoft, August 2014

This is an ebook I co-authored as an educational resource and lead magnet. While I was at Infusionsoft, CustomerHub was one of the products I was responsible for as a product marketer. Neither its existing user base nor eligible Infusionsoft prospects had been nurtured post-sale prior to my arrival. In order to take out two birds with one stone, we created this ebook that was applicable to both audiences.

The ebook educates readers on what a membership site is,  the benefits of owning one, the impact of recurring revenue on someone’s business and a step-by-step process to launch one with CustomerHub. It’s educational in nature and doesn’t pitch a “hard sell” for CustomerHub at the end, though we do outline the benefits of our solution over others.

After we authored it, I paired it with a webinar to prospects and existing users. We saw double-digit growth in leads entering the funnel and re-engaged inactive users.

Click the image to read the full ebook.