One of the things I’ve found the most challenge and love in during my time at VTS is that we’re powering a technological transformation.

Commercial real estate is the third largest asset class in the world and also the most archaic. Many of our clients had previously ran their businesses solely in Microsoft Outlook and Excel. The Empire State Building (client) was doing all their leasing & asset management like it was still 2000. That’s terrifying.

Tech and software is something new to this industry. So as a product marketer, I spend a lot of time educating and competing against a ‘do nothing’ scenario.

Today, VTS was featured in Canada’s Real Estate News EXchange. Our CEO talked about the rapid innovation that will fundamentally change the way the CRE industry operates.

Key takeaways:

  • Despite momentum, there is confusion
  • The value is in the data
  • Mobility is key

Read the article here.