With 2015 behind us, I was conflicted on what kind of post to write to wrap up the year for product marketing. Do I…

  • Send one of those cliche “Happy Holidays” emails that (perhaps I’m speaking for myself here) drive people nuts and cause them to hit “delete” buttons with force before even reading the email?
  • Curate a giant review of the top product marketing campaigns of the year? (Sorry, don’t have time for this while I’m interviewing all the speakers for the Summit)
  • Send all of my readers a virtual fruit cake e-card
  • Pose the question for internal reflection (I’m not a rapper but Wistia is…more on this later) around how your brand seizes the opportunity to stand out from the other holiday messages and promote its product?

Click below to read the latest post and learn:

  • How one brand used the holidays to go against the grain and deliver some stellar product marketing
  • What customers are really looking for in their inboxes during the holidays
  • What else you should be marketing besides your product