Let’s face it. We marketers are stressed. And you know what? That’s okay. Too often, we try to sugar coat it, take it on the chin, work through it, whatever. No. Sometimes it’s alright to embrace the suck. Sometimes it’s okay to admit to ourselves that we may be the one in four of us who is “overly stressed” or “stressed to the max.” So, this week I wanted to dissect this infographic and set the stage for a series of upcoming posts. I hope this post helps you ‘find your center’ and realize that you’re not alone if you feel like your world is spinning out of control at times. After all, the first step in climbing out of a situation is knowing where we are.

So what separates companies from the pack or makes us want to stay despite the challenges?

In almost all cases, it’s something bigger than ourselves. Whether it’s having the opportunity to contribute to today’s changing technological landscape, being a part of a historic experience and working on the world’s most innovative tech products, or creating the first product marketing summit…attaching yourself to a purpose is the fastest course to endurance and balance.

Check out my full post on the Product Marketing Summit blog to learn:

  • Just how stressed we product marketers are
  • What’s causing us stress
  • What makes we product marketers dread our jobs the most
  • What we can do to stay on top of our stress and overcome it