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Product marketer. Business builder. BMW racer.

  • I specialize in starting (or scaling) the product marketing function at expansion- and growth-stage SaaS companies, post-funding
  • I founded the Ampersand Group in 2011 to channel my ADD; it serves as my business-building playground and holdings entity for 3 ventures
  • Over the past decade, I’ve helped small businesses (Infusionsoft), commercial real estate (VTS) and higher education (CampusLogic) succeed with platform software, helped 45 startups go-to-market and scale (Tallwave), directed non-profits (TiE Global Arizona, “one-n-ten“), laid operational frameworks and managed teams (Jostens) and even slung drinks at a bar
  • I tend to get involved in really dangerous and expensive hobbies like racing cars, flying planes and voicing my thoughts
  • I created this website to share my knowledge and provide a glimpse of myself

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My Projects

Happy Halloween from VTS!

Like I've written about before, holidays present some interesting opportunities for marketing. The best thing brands can do during the holidays is make their prospects & customers FEEL something. Everyday, prospects & customers are getting inundated with...

My Projects

VTS 4Q17 Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps are a frequent requests Product Marketing receives from Sales. Long buying cycles common with strategic products often mean buyers need to know what's ahead so they can make confident purchasing decisions. The key for us was setting expectations...